Depok-Nourah Syifa Alica Putrisyama, student of the Accounting study program, Vocational Education Program, Universitas Indonesia, managed to get a gold medal for the 2023 Puskasnas National Science Championship (KSNP) in the field of Accounting. KSNP 2023 is supported by the Berlian Hati Mulia Foundation and is open to various levels of education, from elementary school to university level.

In the student category, there are nine competition topics, namely Biology, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, History, Accounting, English and Bahasa Indonesia. This national level championship activity was attended by more than 5,000 students throughout Indonesia and will be held from the end of December 2023. The implementation of KSNP 2023 will be carried out online via the application.

Nourah said that her participation in the competition was to deepen her abilities which were linear to her studies, namely Accounting. “Improving my skills in accounting and finance was one of the motivations when participating in this competition. Apart from that, this competition is also a place for me to hone the knowledge I have received in class,” said Nourah.

Nourah also explained that the various subjects she studied during college were very helpful when participating in the competition. Nourah added, “The subjects I studied in class really helped me, such as Introduction to Accounting; Service and Trade Accounting; Micro and Macro Economics; Accounting Standards and Asset Accounting; Public Sector Accounting; Financial Report Audit; Cost Accounting; Financial Instrument Accounting; and others.”

The experience of achieving achievements is a form of Nourah’s dedication to UI as a student who is active in making achievements. The Director of the UI Vocational Education Program, Padang Wicaksono, S.E., Ph.D, congratulated Nourah on her achievements. According to him, the curriculum built by UI Vocational is the basis for students to apply applicable learning, one of which is in competitions. “I am sure that Nourah’s achievements can inspire other UI Vocational students to win awards in academic and non-academic fields,” concluded Padang.

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