Study Program Description

Office Administration Study Program produces Office Administration Associate Experts who are able to manage offices and uphold Professional Ethics. The curriculum is designed by prioritizing four (4) main things, namely the knowledge and skills of administration, organization and management, knowledge and language skills, knowledge and skills of information technology and are supported by soft skills and professional ethics.


Realizing the best Office Administration Study Program in Southeast Asia that suits industry needs and can compete with other diploma programs in Southeast Asia in producing professional intermediate experts in the field of Administration and Office.


  1. Make a useful contribution to the progress of the nation and society through the process of forming the character of graduates who have high social responsibility.
  2. Offering innovative courses that can compete with other diploma programs in Southeast Asia, with the latest syllabus that combines theory and practice in harmony with the needs of the world of work.
  3. Provide competent teaching staff in accordance with the field being taught.
  4. Develop curriculum, syllabus, and teaching materials according to the needs of the workforce based on the Indonesian National Framework Standard (SKKNI) and Graduates Competency Standards (SKL) in Office Administration.

Competence of Graduates

Students after graduating in the Office Administration Study Program will have competencies capable of carrying out various office administration activities and secretarial tasks, the ability to serve stakeholders by communicating verbally and in writing as well as by using information technology and managing letters.

The Office Administration Study Program has graduated alumni who are successful in their fields:

  • M. Shultan Satria in the field of BUMN (Executive Secretary at PT Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia (Persero))

The Certification

  • Office Excecutive Administrative Assistant

Professional Lecturer

  • Agung Nugroho, M.Ed.
  • Aji Yudistira, S.S., M.TCSOL
  • Dhiny Anjung Sari, SE., MM.
  • Ivana Tiar Tenasi Lumbah Tobing, M.TCSOL.
  • Marsudin, S.E., M.M., M.Si.
  • Ir. Naufal Mahfudz, M.M.
  • Ir. Nawolo Baskoro, S.H., M.Hum., M.M
  • Rizky Musthafa Arisun, S.Hum.
  • Susi Adriani, S.S., M.TCSOL
  • Tasdik Eko Pramono, S.Kom., MT.
  • Yuniarti Eka Basuki, S.S., M.Si.