Office Administration

Study Program Description

The Office Administration study program is a study program that has the goal of making its graduates ready to work and able to adapt and compete as Office Administration professionals who are religious, national-minded, adaptive, and uphold professional ethics. Specifically, graduates of the Office Administration study program are targeted to have excellence in office administration competence, correspondence, filing, public speaking, communicating effectively, both orally and in writing, as well as mastering the latest technology, especially technology to support office administration work. Graduates are also expected to be able to manage office administration according to industry needs. The Office Administration Study Program hopes that graduates will be accepted into the world of work in a short time after graduation and be able to develop as reliable office administration professionals.


Realizing the best Office Administration Study Program in Southeast Asia that produces professional intermediate experts according to industry needs.


  1. Provide office administration curriculum based on competence, technology and character;
  2. Organizing teaching office administration that is quality and relevant to the changing times to increase the competitiveness of the Indonesian workforce;
  3. Providing competent professional teaching staff according to the field being taught;
  4. Establish cooperation with the industrial world and professional associations at the national and international levels;
  5. Prepare and create graduates who have professional office administration competencies at the national and international levels;
  6. Conducting research and community service according to the principles of applied science.

Competence of graduates

The competencies of the Office Administration Study Program are as follows.

  1. Able to carry out Office Administration;
  2. Able to carry out secretarial duties;
  3. Able to apply the Secretarial Professional Ethics Principles;
  4. Able to display a good personality;
  5. Able to apply the Principles of Excellent Service;
  6. Able to serve the information needs of internal and external stakeholders;
  7. Able to use information technology and office equipment;
  8. Able to communicate effectively;
  9. Able to speak orally in English in the secretarial field;
  10. Able to speak orally in Mandarin and Japanese;
  11. Able to conduct business correspondence;
  12. Able to manage archives;
  13. Able to compile office reports;
  14. Able to manage IT-based office information;
  15. Able to apply management principles in organizational activities.

Graduates of Office Administration study program can work in the secretarial field, in administration in various divisional fields such as HR, Marketing, Finance, Taxation, both in private and government agencies.

Professional Lecturer

  • Adhi Praditia, M.Pd.;
  • Agung Nugroho, M.Ed.;
  • Aji Yudistira, S.S., M.TCSOL;
  • Ivana Tiar Tenasi Lumbah Tobing, M.TCSOL.;
  • Marsudin, S.E., M.M., M.Si..;
  • Ir. Naufal Mahfudz, M.M;
  • Rizky Musthafa Arisun, S.Hum.;
  • Setya Syahbudin, M.M.;
  • Tasdik Eko Pramono, M.T.;
  • Yuniarti Eka Basuki, S.S., M.Si.


  • Office Executive Administrative Assistant (OEAA) Certification

Study Program Activities

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