Hospital Administration

Study Program Description

Hospital Administration study program of Vocational Education Program, Universitas Indonesia is a study program that prepares skilled, professional, professional ethical personnel and is ready to work in the field of administration in hospitals.


To become the leading diploma program in the field of Hospital Administration in Southeast Asia that produces graduates who are ethical, professional and ready to use by 2025.


  1. Organizing hospital administration education programs in a professional, independent manner and providing direct benefits to stakeholders;
  2. Organizing quality tri dharma activities and responding to national and global challenges;
  3. Producing graduates who are highly moral, professional, ready to use, highly absorbed in the workforce and able to compete globally;
  4. Providing useful and superior contributions to society through community service activities and applied research in the field of hospital administration

Competence of graduates

The curriculum is designed to produce graduate competencies that are able to manage administrative units in a hospital. The following are the graduate competencies given to Hospital Administration study program students.

  1. Able to apply hospital HR management principles, including the recruitment process to retirement effectively;
  2. Able to apply basic principles of financial management in preparing financial reports in hospitals;
  3. Able to measure hospital quality in accordance with applicable standards;
  4. Able to carry out hospital marketing in accordance with applicable ethics;
  5. Able to apply basic management principles in hospital activities;
  6. Able to manage medical and general administrative support activities effectively and efficiently;
  7. Able to organize correspondence, archives and hospital office equipment;
  8. Able to apply information and communication technology in hospitals in accordance with current developments;
  9. Able to communicate actively and effectively in hospital services;
  10. Able to carry out entrepreneurial activities independently, innovatively and creatively;
  11. Able to display a professional personality in accordance with the ethics applicable in the hospital;
  12. Able to carry out basic applied hospital research in accordance with academic principles and professional ethics.

Job prospects in the Hospital Administration study program include all areas of administration in hospitals, both government hospitals and private hospitals. Apart from that, you can also have a career in community health centers, clinics, health insurance, and agencies operating in the health sector.

Professional Lecturer

  • DR. dr. Herqutanto, MPH., MARS
  • DR.Drs. Yakin Bakhtiar Siregar, M.M., M.M.
  • DR. Novita Dwi Istanti, SKM, MARS.
  • dr. Afriyanti Sandhi, SpBP-RE, MARS
  • dr. Ameria Paramita, SpM, MARS
  • FX Retno Palupi SKM., MKM.
  • Michael Sitorus, M.Kom.
  • Angestika Wilandari, M.SE.
  • Hasan Sadikin, MKM.
  • Mochamad Iqbal Nurmansyah, SKM, M.Sc.
  • Susilawati, MARS.
  • Rahmi Istanti, MARS.
  • dr. Nurul Mufti, MARS
  • Yuni Dwi Anggraini, S.Pd., M.Pd.
  • Arianisti Zulhanita Putri, SH, MH.


  • Hospital Executive Assistant Certificate (BNSP)
  • Basic Life Support (First-Aid) Certificate
  • TOEFL Sertificate

Study Program Activities

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