The Vocational Education Program of Universitas Indonesia aims to prepare students to become experts or professionals who implement, develop, and disseminate technology and cultural arts as an effort to improve people’s lives, social civilization, and also become the seeds of a driving force that strengthens Indonesia at the same time.

Graduates of the Vocational Education Program of Universitas Indonesia are directed to master skills in certain fields of work so that they can be directly absorbed as workers in various fields of production and services, government agencies, or independent entrepreneurs. The core of teaching at the Vocational Education Program of Universitas Indonesia prioritizes skills, competencies, and behaviors that complement knowledge academically.

To anticipate the increasingly fierce competition in the job market both in Indonesia and in ASEAN countries, the Universitas Indonesia Vocational Education Program collaborates with the Professional Association and Professional Certification Institute (LSP) to improve the abilities of its students through professional certification. Thus, graduates of the Vocational Education Program of Universitas Indonesia have the advantage because in addition to obtaining a diploma, they are also provided with a certificate of competence from their respective professions as well as a certificate of English (TOEFL/TOEIC).

Since 2008, the administrative management of the Vocational Education Program has been centralized at the Universitas Indonesia. It is done to increase efficiency considering the many educational pathways available at UI, as well as to realize the Universitas Indonesia’s vision of becoming a world-class research university in facing global challenges.

The Universitas Indonesia continues to run the Associate Degree program based on the aim to contribute to educating the nation’s life, through the provision of higher education through professional pathways side by side with higher education on undergraduate and postgraduate pathways. Statistically, the vocational program at the Universitas Indonesia is highly needed by the community, this can be seen from the high interest in the programs offered and the demand for graduates.

Study programs in UI Vocational:

    • Department of Administration and Applied Business:
      1. Creative Business (Applied Bachelor)
      2. Insurance and Actuarial Administration (Associate Degree)
      3. Finance and Banking Administration (Associate Degree)
      4. Office Administration (Associate Degree)
      5. Tax Administration (Associate Degree)
      6. Accounting (Associate Degree)
    • Department of Applied Social Humanities:
      1. Media Production (Applied Bachelor)
      2. Tourism Business Management (Applied Bachelor)
      3. Records and Archives Management (Applied Bachelor)
      4. Public Relations (Associate Degree)
      5. Multimedia Broadcasting (Associate Degree)
      6. Creative Advertising (Associate Degree)
    • Department of Applied Health:
      1. Physiotherapy (Applied Bachelor)
      2. Occupational Therapy (Applied Bachelor)
      3. Hospital Administration (Associate Degree)


The Vocational Education Program of Universitas Indonesia or abbreviated UI Vocational was formed in 2008 based on the Decree of the Rector of the Universitas Indonesia Number 492/SK/R/UI/2008. UI Vocational manages 3 departments in which there are 9 Associate Degree and 6 Applied Bachelor level study programs.

The history of the establishment of the UI Vocational Education Program can be traced back to 1989, when the implementation of the Associate Degree level was then managed by faculties within the Universitas Indonesia. The faculties that have held associate degree level education are the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Public Health, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, and the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

The UI Vocational Education Program is a tertiary institution that aims to prepare personnel who can apply their expertise and skills in certain fields, are ready to work, and are able to compete globally. Graduates of the UI Vocational Education Program are directed to be able to enter the job market in the industrial or private sector, government or non-government institutions, and self-employed. The teaching load in vocational education programs that prioritize practice makes graduates ready to become human resources in entering the job market. Practicum activities carried out can hone skills as a complement to mastery of theory.


The UI Vocational Education Program has become one of the centers of excellence for vocational education in Southeast Asia by increasing applied science-based education, research and community service that is beneficial to the nation.


  • Organizing quality vocational education that is relevant to the times to increase the competitiveness of the Indonesian workforce;
  • Creating a competency-based and virtuous curriculum;
  • Prepare and create graduates who are competent and able to compete professionally at national and international levels;
  • Realizing cooperation with the industrial world and professional associations at national and international levels in realizing the vision of the Vocational Education Program of Universitas Indonesia;
  • Conducting research and community service according to the principles of applied science.

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