Multimedia Broadcasting

Study Program Description

Multimedia Broadcasting is a study program that focuses on providing knowledge, abilities and skills to produce creative works in the field of Multimedia Broadcasting, both for television, radio and other mass communication channels.


To become one of the leading and competitive Multimedia Broadcasting education centers in Southeast Asia by increasing knowledge and applied technology that is beneficial to the nation.


  1. Providing broad and fair access, as well as quality education and teaching;
  2. Encouraging the availability of human resources who are competent in the field of Multimedia Broadcasting communications and have a high commitment to professional ethics;
  3. To produce graduates who are highly intellectual, have noble character, are responsible, have integrity, are ethical and are able to compete globally.

Competence of graduates

The qualifications needed by graduates of the Multimedia Broadcasting study program are to understand the types and characteristics of mass media, both conventional and digital, camera techniques, editing, lighting engineering, storyboards creating, script writing, production planning on the basis of scripts or scenarios, translating “breakdown shotinto the shooting schedule (shooting day’s), financing plans, production crew needs, accommodation and transportation needs, permits and related party support, cooperation and sponsorship, required production equipment, marketing expertise competency, including Distribution and Multimedia Broadcasting Media Content Business, simple marketing strategy planning, online marketing for business optimization.

Professional Lecturer

  • Bayu Oktara;
  • Servo Caesar Prayoga;
  • Nurchaidir Salim;
  • Cut Geminia; and
  • I.G.P. Wiranegara.


  • Associate Photographer by LSP UI

Study Program Activities

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