Study Program Description

The purpose of education is to produce Associate Multimedia Broadcasting Experts who can carry out their work practically from planning to production by the needs of society, law and professional ethics. Graduates’ competencies resulting from multimedia broadcasting study programs will have the skills and knowledge about the operational systems of radio and TV broadcast studios, radio, and television broadcast systems, multimedia content development devices around animation, photo/video editing, use of camera equipment, lighting. Graduates will be able to be involved in the production (operational) and radio and TV programming teams, as well as in other media industries.


To become a center for applied multimedia education that is superior and competitive in ASEAN by increasing applied knowledge and technology in the field of Multimedia Broadcasting to produce graduates who are independent, superior and able to align formal education and the needs of the industrial world.


  1. Provide broad and fair access, and quality education and teaching;
  2. Encouraging the availability of competent human resources in the field of Multimedia Broadcast communication and having a high commitment to professional ethics;
  3. Creating graduates of high intellectual quality, virtuous character, responsibility, integrity, ethics and being able to compete globally.

Competence of Graduates

Qualifications needed by graduates of the Multimedia Broadcasting Study Program include competencies that must be achieved by graduates in the digital age according to the needs of the radio, television and various other multiplatform industries. Graduates of the Multimedia Broadcast Study Program must have a national and international standard of competence that includes knowledge, skills, and attitude. The formulation of competencies of the Multimedia Broadcasting Study Program involves several parties, namely professional associations, academics, and users, namely practitioners of Multimedia Broadcasting. The graduates of the Multimedia Broadcasting Study Program are Assistant Radio Program Producers, Radio Reporters, Radio Editor / Script Writer Staff, Radio Music Division Staff, Off-Air Radio Staff, Multimedia Radio Staff, Television Production Assistant, Television Program Assistant Director, Camera Person, Video Television Editor, Switcher, and Script Writer / Creative Staff.

The Multimedia Broadcasting Study Program has graduated alumni who are successful in their fields:

  • Syifa Aulia Putri in the field of Entertainment (Growth Specialist at PT Narasi Citra Sahwahita)
  • Willy Abiyyu Dzaky in the field of Telecommunication (Corporate Communication at PT Telkom Corporate Communication)

The Certification

  • Video Editor
  • Presenter
  • Camera Person

Professional Lecturer

  • Anis Illahi Wahdati, S.Pd., M.Si.
  • Ebnu Yufriadi, S.I.P, M.Si.
  • Fadhil Patra Gumala, M.Si.
  • Drs. Hanoch Tahapary, M.Si.
  • Happy Prasetyawati Hendratomo, S.E., M.M.
  • Muslikhin, M.I.Kom.
  • Nurchaidir Salim, S.Sos., M.Si.
  • Dr. Rahmat Edi Irawan, S.Pd., M.Ikom.