Occupational Therapy

Study Program Description

The Occupational Therapy study program is a study program that graduates students to become Bachelors of Applied Occupational Therapy who are able to provide health services to clients/patients with physical and/or mental disorders/disabilities who have problems with occupational performance by using meaningful activities (occupation) to optimizing individual independence in the areas of daily life activities, productivity and use of free time.


To become a superior and competitive Bachelor of Applied Occupational Therapy education center in ASEAN by increasing applied knowledge and technology in the field of Occupational Therapy to produce graduates who are independent, superior, and able to harmonize formal education, the needs of the industrial world and the needs of society.


  1. Providing broad and fair access, as well as quality education and teaching;
  2. Encourage the availability of competent human resources in the field of Occupational Therapy and have a high commitment to occupational therapy professional ethics;
  3. To produce graduates who are highly intellectual, have noble character, are responsible, have integrity, are ethical and are able to compete globally.

Competence of graduates

Main Competency

    1. Able to apply Occupational Therapy Assessment;
    2. Able to implement the Occupational Therapy Program;
    3. Able to apply Occupational Therapy Interventions;
    4. Able to implement the Occupational Therapy Evaluation plan;
    5. Able to behave and have noble character in accordance with Occupational Therapy professional ethics;
    6. Able to manage Occupational Therapy service management;
    7. Able to apply occupational therapy service practices based on information technology.

Supporting Competencies

    1. Able to make technology-based applied product research related to Occupational Therapy;
    2. Able to apply Occupational Therapy problems using spoken and written language in Indonesian and English;
    3. Able to think critically, analyze, systematically and problem solve;
    4. Able to manage Occupational Therapy services in accordance with community culture.

Professional Lecturer

  • Purnama Betty Rosalyna Sitorus, M.Si
  • Muhammad Luthfi, AMd.OT., SKM., M.K.K.K
  • Dini Fajariani, MS. OT
  • Reza Nur Arsyi, S.ST., M.Si.
  • Dian Inayatullah Yafie, M.Psi.


  • Office Executive Administrative Assistant from LSP UI
  • Examination of General Condition and Vital Signs from LSP UI

Study Program Activities

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