Study Program Description

Occupational Therapy Study Program educates Applied Occupational Therapy graduates who are able to carry out occupational therapy to patients/clients to be able to participate in daily life activities, be able to do productivity activities and use leisure time independently. The scope of Occupational Therapy education in this study program are: Pediatric (children), Geriatrics (elderly), Psychosocial (mental health), Neurology (nerve), Musculoskeletal (muscle and bone), Ergonomics, Assistive Technology, Occupational Technology Community-based Therapy, Occupational Therapy in industry and Occupational Therapy in disaster management.


To be one of the leading centers for occupational therapy in occupational therapy in ASEAN that produces graduates who are ethical, ready to use and professional in the year 2025.


  1. Organizing Occupational Therapy education in accordance with the latest technological advancements, in line with the needs of the world of work at the ASEAN level.
  2. Producing graduates who are ready to use and have good professional ethics.
  3. Having competent lecturers in accordance with the Occupational Therapy field.
  4. Develop curriculum, syllabus, and teaching materials in accordance with the needs of the world of work and international standards.

Competence of graduates

Competencies of graduates of this study program include the Occupational Therapist, Case Manager and Program Manager. The professional opportunities are wide open to become Occupational Therapists in hospitals, clinics, independent practice, inclusive schools and special schools, Consultants programs for children with special needs in schools, consultants making therapeutic devices, modification tools and assistive devices for patients, staff in the ministry of health , Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture and Ministry of Social Affairs, NGOs with disabilities, government consultants on the empowerment of persons with disabilities.

The Sertification

  • Basic Life Support
  • Office Professional Hospital Administrative Assistant

Professional Lecturers

  • Dr. Abdul Aziz, A.Md.OT, S.Psi, M.Si.
  • Dr. Amien Suharti, Sp. K.F.R.(K)
  • An Nisaa Nur Citra Dien S.Psi., M.Psi.T
  • Evi Rachmawati Nur Hidayati Sp.K.F.R.(K)
  • Muhammad Hidayat Sahid, A.Md.OT, S.KM, M.Epid
  • Muhammad Ricky Solin, S.KM., M.Pd.
  • Nasron Azizan,A.Md.OT, S.K.M, M.Si
  • Purnama Betty Rosalyna Sitorus, M.Si.(han)
  • Reza Nur Arsyi, A.Md.OT., S.Psi., M.Psi.
  • Dr. Salikur Kartono M.Biomed., Sp.KJ
  • Sefni Gusmira, M.Farm.
  • Drg. Siti Baidoeri, MARS.
  • Suci Anatasia BSc.Po., M.Sc.
  • Triono Hadi Saputro, SAP., M.Si.

The Occupational Therapy Study Program has graduated alumni who are successful in their fields:

  • Dr. Abdul Aziz, A.Md. O.T., S.Psi., M. Si. in the field of Goverment (State Civil Administration at Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia)
  • Abdul Ghofar in the field of Education (Head of Pelangi Resource Center Lazuardi GCS at Limo kota Depok)
  • Adriansyah Ranggapasha A.Md.OT., S.K.M. in the field of Healthcare (Occupational Therapist at Medikids)
  • Benget Simanullang in the field of Healthcare (Head of Operations GENESIS Child Early Intervention & Therapy Centre, Konsultan Okupasi Terapi di Miracle School and Therapy Centre, Ketua Tim Pengembang di Sekolah Luar Biasa Cahaya Jaya)
  • Dones Priyadi in the field of Healthcare (Founder and Owner Klinik Tumbuh Kembang Anak Spesial Mandiri Depok)
  • Dwi Bimantoro, S.Tr.Kes. in the field of Healthcare (Co-Founder Hompimpa Center, Jati Asih dan Co-Founder Hompimpa Center, Galaxy)
  • Dwi Mulya Ningsih, A.Md.O.T. in the field of Healthcare (Owner Terapi Tumbuh Kembang Anak PELANGI –BATAM)
  • Heri Priyanti in the field of Healthcare (Founder and Owner Klinik Tumbuh Kembang Anak Spesial Mandiri Depok)
  • Mohammad Rizal in the field of Healthcare (Owner CTK Klinik Cililitan)
  • Widya Susilowati, A.Md. O.T. in the field of Healthcare (Owner dan Consultant Pusat Terapi Tumbuh Kembang Anak at 3 Substation: Tangerang, Tangerang Selatan, and Depok, Provider of Shadow Teacher for Inclusion School, Consultant Inclusion Program at Sekolah Al Fityan Tangerang, Inclusion School Pelita Bangsa Pamulang–Tangerang Selatan and Shadow Teacher Inclusion Program Partners and Service Providers at Sekolah Islamic Village Tangerang)
  • Wilmarifani, S.Tr.Kes. in the field of Healthcare (Founder Hompimpa Center, Jati Asih est. 2011 and Founder Hompimpa Center- Galaxy est. 2018)