Study Program Description

Tourism Business Management Study Program Vocational Education Program at the University of Indonesia is a diploma IV education that produces graduates of Applied Tourism Bachelors who are able to design tourism businesses/businesses professionally and ethically with a bachelor’s degree in applied tourism (S.Tr.Par).


To become the center of excellence for vocational education in ASEAN.


  1. Organizing tourism vocational education with an emphasis on practice according to user needs to produce professional associates of international standard.
  2. Development of the field of Tourism through Research & Service for the needs and interests of the community.
  3. Competency Certification.

Competence of graduates

Graduates of the Tourism Business Management Vocational Education Program will have the main competencies in the tourism sector, namely: 1) Able to manage tourism business, 2) Able to manage activities in the tourism sector professionally, 3) Able to manage tourism business innovation products, 4) Able to apply information technology in tourism, 5) Able to think critically, analytically, systematically and problem solving , 6) Able to operate a travel service business, 7) Able to apply management concepts in tourism business activities, 8) Able to apply the concept of service in carrying out tourism business activities, 9) Able to apply tourism professional ethics in their work, 10) Able to apply socio-cultural and ecological concepts in tourism business activities, 11) Able to use spoken and written language in Indonesian and English.

Graduates from the Tourism Business Management Study Program are expected to become and/or place positions including: 1) Tourism business entrepreneur 2) Managers (professionals/practitioners) of travel/tourism business 3) Managers (professionals/practitioners) business events, 4) Tour guide & Tour leader, 5) MICE Coordinator, 6) Travel consultant & tourism business.


  • Tour Guide from LSP UI
  • Liaison Officer (LO) from LSP UI
  • Entrepreneurship from LSP UI

Professional Lecturer

  • Arista Atmadjati, SE, MM
  • Bambang Setio Pudjono, MM
  • Drs. Agus Irianto
  • Drs. Lintong Simandjuntak, S.Pd., M.Sc.
  • Fahry Ahmad, S. Par., MMPar.
  • Iman Kadarisman, SE, MM
  • Irfan Nugraha, S. Sos., M.Sc. (HAN)
  • Kus Tri Dianavera, SE, MM
  • Mahadewi, S. Sos., MM
  • Maharani, S. Sos., MM
  • Mustika Sari, SE, M.MTr.
  • Ratnaning Juwana, S.Pd., M.Sc.
  • Sri Suryani, S.Pd., MM