Tourism Business Management

Study Program Description

The Tourism Business Management study program is a status development/improvement study program from the Associate Degree Tourism program at the UI Vocational Education Program. Tourism Business Management has the main objective of producing applied graduates in Tourism Business Management who are able to manage tourism businesses (entrepreneurs) professionally and ethically. The curriculum implemented has been aligned with the decision of the Minister of National Education regarding Vocational Education as stated in Law no. 12 of 2012 concerning Higher Education, Article 16 which states that universities prepare students for jobs with certain applied skills up to applied undergraduate programs and are aligned with the Independent Campus Learning Curriculum (MBKM).


To become one of the superior and competitive applied tourism business management education centers in ASEAN by increasing applied knowledge and technology in the tourism sector to produce graduates who are independent, superior, and able to harmonize formal education and the needs of the industrial world.


  1. Providing broad and fair access, as well as quality education and teaching;
  2. Encourage the availability of competent human resources in the field of tourism business management and have a high commitment to professional ethics;
  3. Creating graduates who have high intellectuality, noble character, responsibility, integrity, ethics and are able to compete professionally on a global scale.

Competence of graduates

Main Competencies:

    1. Able to manage a tourism business;
    2. Able to manage activities in the tourism sector professionally;
    3. Able to manage tourism business innovation products;
    4. Able to operate a travel services business;
    5. Able to apply management concepts in tourism business activities;
    6. Able to apply the service concept in carrying out tourism business activities;
    7. Able to apply tourism professional ethics in their work.

Supporting Competencies:

  1. Able to apply information technology in tourism;
  2. Able to think critically, analyze, systematically and problem solve
  3. Able to apply socio-cultural and ecological concepts in tourism business activities;
  4. Able to use spoken and written language in Indonesian and English.

Professional Lecturer

  • Diani Mustika Prianti, S.M.,MM.
  • Muhammad Lingga Nashirudin, SE, MBA
  • Sri Suryani S.Pd., M.M.
  • Unggul Sagena, M.K.P


  • Tour Guide from LSP UI
  • Liaison Officer (LO) from LSP UI
  • Entrepreneurship from LSP UI

Study Program Activities

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