Study Program Description

Accounting Study Program of Vocational Education Program, Universitas Indonesia is a study program that prepares intermediate accounting experts who are able to prepare financial reports, present tax reports and carry out audits under the supervision of an accountant.


Becoming a Center for Superior and Competitive Accounting Vocational Education in Southeast Asia.


  1. Organizing vocational accounting education by developing a curriculum that emphasizes skills in accordance with National Higher Education Standards and the development of applicable national and international accounting standards supported by technology in accordance with the needs of the world of work;
  2. Producing graduates who have professional competence at national and international levels who are responsible, ethical and able to compete globally;
  3. Realizing collaboration with the industrial world and professional associations at national and international levels;
  4. Organizing Tridharma activities that are quality, relevant and beneficial to the community.

Competence of graduates

The resulting graduate competencies include:

  • Able to prepare Financial Reports based on documents in accordance with applicable financial accounting standards for single entities and entities with 1 (one) subsidiary by utilizing information technology in accordance with applicable financial accounting standards under supervision,
  • Able to carry out tax reporting on Income Tax (PPh) and Value Added Tax (VAT) in accordance with applicable tax regulations,
  • Able to carry out audit procedures under supervision.

The Accounting Study Program has graduated successful alumni in their fields, including:

  • Christian Valentino in the field of E-Commerce (Financial Service Platform/Finance Executive at Gojek)
  • Sagita Fajarahayu in the field of Consultant (Audit Partner KAP Hertanto, Grace, Karunawan)

Professional Lecturer

  • Agus Munandar S.E., M.Sc
  • Andika Adjie Sastra, S.E, Ak., MM, CA.
  • Ananta Hagabean S.E., MBA.
  • Aryawan Eko Purianto M.M.
  • Aryo Wibisono, S.E., CPA.
  • Bramana Purwasetya, S.Sos., M.Si.
  • Catur Sasongko, S.E., MBA.
  • Dr. Muhammad Razikun, CPA.
  • Nuryadin, S.E, M.M., BKP.
  • Novietha Indra Sallama M.Si
  • Pietra Sarosa, M.S.M.
  • Rachman Ghifar, S.E., M.For., Accy., CPA.
  • Radina Modjaningrat W, S.E., M.S.Ak.
  • Sungguh Siahaan, M.M.
  • Dra. Sri Suyatni, M.Si.
  • Syawaludin, S.E., Ak., SH., ME., CA., CACP., CPA., CPL., CPMA.
  • Tarkosunaryo, M.B.A., CPA.
  • Tia Adityasih, M.Ak., CPA.
  • Tjiendradjaja Yamin M.Ak.
  • Wawan Setiawan, M.M.
  • Dr. Drs. Widodo Suryandono S.H., M.H.
  • Yeny Yusuf, M.Si.


  • Intermediate Accounting Technician
  • Preparation of Financial Reports Based on SAK ETAP
  • Certified Accurate Professional (CAP)
  • Certified Public Accountant Indonesia(J–CPAI)

  • Certified Diploma in Accounting and Business (ACCA)

Study Program Activities

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