What are MOOCs?

UI MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) is a program that provides access for the entire community to take courses from leading experts at the University of Indonesia.

Moocs can be followed from anywhere because they are online. MOOCs have expanded the boundaries of education so that it is accessible to everyone.
In the MOOCs-based learning process, one of the advantages is flexible time so as to create a learning culture that is innovative, unfettered, and in accordance with the needs of participants. The courses conducted based on MOOCs are designed according to industry needs and in accordance with existing competency standards

MOOCS UI Vocational Education Program focuses on applied science so that participants can directly apply the material in the industry.

Subject: Hospital Quality Measurement Techniques

teacher; Nia Murniati, SKM, MKM & Dr. Fia Fridayanti Adam, MSi

This course discusses several appropriate tools to measure hospital quality and performance so that if students are given hospital performance data for a certain period, students are able to use the right quality tools to process data into useful information for hospitals.

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Subject: Cyber Public Relations

teacher; - Pijar Suciati, S.Sos., M.Si - Mareta Maulidiyanti, S.Sos., MM - Ngurah Rangga Wisesa, SIKom., MIKom

This course teaches the knowledge, skills, and work processes of cyber public relations in producing a series of public relations programs on various digital platforms, especially in managing social media .

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Course: Project Management

Lecturer : Sancoko, S.Sos., ME

Students can explain project management concepts and practice them in the Microsoft Project application . In addition, participants are expected to be able to create alternative project management applications in Microsoft Excel .

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Course: Business Process and Internal Control

Lecturer : Titis Wahyuni, M.Sc.

Students can describe business processes (in the form of flowcharts), internal control (evaluation of internal control of business entities/MSMEs) and business transaction documents.

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Subject: Information Technology

Lecturer : Heri Yuliyanto S.Si, M.Sc.

students are able to use Information Technology to increase productivity (performance) performance and solve real problems in society.

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Course: Trade Service Accounting

teacher; Arthaingan H. Mutiha, SE, M.Ak, CA

After completing this lesson, participants are expected to be able to compile Financial Statements of Service and Trading Companies and perform simple analysis of Financial Statements.

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