Study Program Description

This Study Program produces Communication Associate Experts in the field of Creative Advertising who can carry out their work practically from planning to production by the needs of society, law, and the ethics of the advertising profession.


Vision The best advertising education in Southeast Asia by increasing knowledge and applied technology in the field of advertising to produce graduates who are independent, superior, and able to align formal education and the needs of the industrial world.


  1. Creating a competency-based, professional and ethical curriculum.
  2. Providing quality vocational education that is relevant to the development of the times to improve the competitiveness of the Indonesian workforce.
  3. Realizing cooperation with the industry and professional associations at the national and international levels.
  4. Prepare and create graduates who have professional competence at national and international levels.

Competence of Graduates

The main competency of this study program graduate is a skilled and qualified hybrid workforce in the domestic and foreign advertising industry. So that the graduates of this study program meet the required skills, namely becoming an Account Executive, Strategic Planner, Creative, and Media Planner.

The Creative Advertising Study Program has graduated alumni who are successful in their fields:

  • Marsya Febianika Utami in the field of Digital Platform (Junior Copywriter at Dentsu Aegis Network)
  • Reza Pebrianto in the field of Advertising (Senior Digital Manager at i-dac Asia (Hakuhodo International Indonesia))

The Certification

  • Designing Creative Strategies for Advertising and Media Purchases

Professional Lecturer

  • Agnes Imada Pinarsinta Manurung
  • Aldino Anatusa
  • Angga Priyatna M.Sn.
  • Arsa Widitiarsa Utoyo ST., M.Sn.
  • Besty Priyandhini M.Si.
  • Bisma Fabio Santabudi S.Sos., M.Sn.
  • Egar Putra Bahtera
  • Ehwan Kurniawan, M.Sn.
  • Hany Nurahmawati S.Kom., M.I.Kom.
  • Dra. Ivanina Zuhdi Pane M.Sc
  • Jessica Carla S.Sos., M.M.
  • Putri Neva Lumeta
  • Dra. Vashti Trisawati Abhidana M.Si.