Media Production

Study Program Description

The Applied Bachelor’s Program in Media Production is a study program that aims to produce professional applied graduates who are expected to be able to become creative industry players in the field of media production in accordance with applicable professional ethics and utilize ICT in an innovative and responsible manner. The foundation for student thinking is built on five main pillars: Arts, Business, Communication, Science and Technology. It is hoped that it can develop global insight, creativity and innovation in students through various dynamic new media and technology platforms. As a vocational education institution, the teaching weight in Media Production is focused on providing knowledge, abilities and skills to produce creative work in the field of Media Production, whether for digital content, games, animation, e-sports, NFT, advertising content, visual design, audio content , comics, experimental films, music content, photo content, streaming content and other mass communication channels. The scope of learning in Media Production is as follows.



To become a center for superior and competitive applied Media Production education nationally and internationally by increasing knowledge and applied technology in the field of Media Production to produce graduates who are independent, superior, and able to harmonize formal education and world needs.


  1. Providing broad and fair access, as well as quality education and teaching;
  2. Encourage the availability of competent human resources in the field of Media Production communications and have a high commitment to professional ethics;
  3. Creating graduates who have high intellectuality, noble character, responsibility, integrity, ethics, and are able to compete globally;
  4. Preparing and creating graduates who have professional competence at national and international levels.

Competence of graduates

Based on the existing SKKNI and discussions with the Media Production industry, it was decided that several professions that are expected to accommodate graduates of the Media Production Study Program at the Universitas Indonesia Vocational Education Program are as follows:

  1. Able to apply the concept of academic ethical integrity, Pancasila values, and citizenship in carrying out the profession;
  2. Able to use oral and written communication in Indonesian and English;
  3. Able to demonstrate general concepts of communication production, creative fields, and media fields;
  4. Able to integrate technological developments associated with Media Production business activities;
  5. Able to analyze theoretical and practical concepts of media production in general;
  6. Able to contrast theoretical and practical concepts of Media Production in depth, especially innovative, creative and adaptive;
  7. Able to prepare a Media Production business plan by applying entrepreneurial principles;
  8. Able to design a Media Production program that combines theoretical and practical elements to become a professional entrepreneur in the field of communications by utilizing digital and non-digital media.

With these competencies, graduates have the potential to work in various work units at IT companies, film studios, animation studios, animation-game-comic-visual effects product companies, game studios, visual design agencies, media companies, content studios, streaming/OTT service companies , media agencies, start-up companies, media consultants, state-owned companies and various other companies as Digital Content Creator, Animator, Blockchain Practitioner, Game Producer, IT Manager, Game Designer, UI-UX Designer, Digital Media Planner & Analyst, Film Producer, E-sports Creator & Practitioner, Visual Designer, Music Producer, Comic Creator, Big Data Analyst, Media Intelligence or become an Entrepreneur or Technopreneur in the media and technology sector.

Professional Lecturer

  • Dr. Achmad Istamar (Google)
  • Sheila Timothy (Produser Film)
  • Dian Paramita Sastrowardoyo, M.M. (Actress, Producer, Film Director)
  • Alif Keenan Ibrahim, M.A. (Vidio)
  • Hendrika Gaudens Refwalu, M.M. (Microsoft)
  • Wafa Taftazani, MBA (UpBanx, VCGamers, RANSVERSE)
  • Svida S.P. Alisjahbana, MBA (GCM MEDIA GROUP)
  • Gabriel Chemin, MBA (Spotify)
  • Dr. Eunice Sari (CX INSIGHT)
  • Arief Suditomo, MA (Metro TV)


Apart from getting a Media Production diploma, graduates will get a certificate from a competency certification body issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture and/or a professional certification body issued by the Ministry of Manpower and recognized nationally.

  • Content Creator Competency Certificate
  • Social Media Specialist Competency Certificate
  • Film Production Management Competency Certificate
  • Game Designer Competency Certificate

Study Program Activities

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