Public Relations

Study Program Description

The Public Relations study program is a study program that aims to produce “Associate Public Relations experts who are able to plan, produce, implement and evaluate public relations programs according to industry needs, law and professional ethics, and are able to adopt and adapt digital technology in the field of public relations so as to be able to compete in the ASEAN market”.


Realizing the best Public Relations Study Program in Indonesia that suits industry needs and is able to compete with other diploma programs in ASEAN in a professional manner.


  1. Make a useful contribution to the progress of the nation and society through the process of forming the character of graduates who have high social responsibility.
  2. Offering innovative courses and being able to compete with other diploma programs in ASEAN with the latest syllabus that combines theory and practice in line with the needs of the world of work.
  3. Providing the best and qualified teaching staff according to the field being taught.
  4. Develop curricula, syllabus and teaching materials according to the needs of the world of work and international standards.

Competence of graduates

  1. Able to carry out religious values and national insights (KU, C3);
  2. Able to apply oral and written communication in Indonesian and English (KU – C3);
  3. Able to apply the professional code of ethics that governs the attitudes, responsibilities and professional roles of Public Relations. (KK, S, C3);
  4. Able to understand the basic science of communication and public relations (P – C2);
  5. Able to carry out communication with all stakeholders (KK, S, – C3);
  6. Able to carry out cross-functional coordination and collaboration within companies/organizations (KU, S, – C3);
  7. Able to apply public relations writing techniques to various public relations platforms, both conventional and digital (KK – C3);
  8. Able to apply the latest digital information technology (KU-C3);
  9. Able to carry out the production of public relations visual and audio visual content (KK, PS, C3);
  10. Able to apply the planning, implementation and evaluation of public relations programs (KK-C3);
  11. Able to plan and carry out business by applying entrepreneurial principles (KK – C3).

The following are job prospects in the Public Relations study program.

  1. Corporate PR;
  2. Government Public Relations;
  3. Consultant in the field of Public Relations;
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility;
  5. Social Media Management;
  6. Media Analyst;
  7. Marketing Communication;
  8. Practitioner in Social Campaign (Social Campaign Specialist);
  9. Public Relations for Creative Industries;
  10. Public Relations in political campaigns;
  11. Event Specialist;
  12. Media Relations Specialist;
  13. Digital Public Relations Specialist;
  14. Content Specialist;
  15. Publicist.

Professional Lecturer

  • Abdi Hamdani (GM PT. Motasa Indonesia);
  • Dr. Firsan Nova (CEO Nexus Risk Mitigation & Strategic Communication);
  • Melisa Sandrianti (Corporate Secretary PT Merck TBK);
  • Wida Septarina (Founder & CEO Lotus Marketing & Public Relations dan Food Bank of Indonesia);
  • Dr. Wiendy Hapsari (Kepala Divisi Litbang MNC Portal Indonesia).


  • Public Relations Officer (mandatory) from LSP UI;
  • TOEIC (mandatory);
  • Digital Public Relations from Markplus (optional).

Study Program Activities

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