The Associate’s Degree and Applied Bachelor programs at the Universitas Indonesia, under the auspices of the Universitas Indonesia’s Vocational Education Program, have the advantage of focusing on practical skills through collaborating with many partners in the industry – both from the ministry and the private sector. During lectures, students will receive theoretical learning at the beginning of the lecture, then undergo work studies at partners who have business fields according to the study program, and end with an internship program.

While studying at UI Vocational, they practice in laboratories that resemble the real world of work, including the Tax Clinic, Vocation Wellness Center, Vocational TV Laboratory (Laboratorium TV Vokasi- MetroTV), Public Relations Laboratory, and the Investment Gallery Laboratory of the Indonesia Stock Exchange. All of these laboratories are examples of the application of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership (CI-EL) at UI Vocational.

During his recent visit to UI Vocational, Hermawan Kartajaya expressed his admiration for the various laboratories that were used as teaching factories. “The maximization of UI Vocational to create graduates who are ready to enter the industry shows that vocational education can strengthen Indonesia,” said Hermawan Kartajaya, Founder & Chairman of MarkPlus, Inc.

(Photo: (L-R): Ardhi Ridwansyah (COO MarkPlus Institute), Aditya Denny Pratama, SST.FT, M.Fis (Head of Vocational Wellness Center UI Vocational), Padang Wicaksono, S.E., Ph.D (Director of UI Vocational Education Program), Hermawan Kartajaya (Founder & Chairman of MarkPlus, Inc.) Jacky Mussry (Deputy Chairman of MarkPlus, Inc.), Riza Pahlawi, Str.Ftr., M.Kes. (Lecturer of UI Vocational Physiotherapy Study Program), Mita Noviana, S .Ft., M.Kes. (Lecturer of UI Vocational Physiotherapy study program) while visiting UI Vocational Wellness Center.)

“To improve student competence, it is necessary to apply CI-EL in higher education, especially vocational. In addition, to realize an entrepreneurial university, the campus is no longer only a higher education institution, but also provides benefits for the benefit of businesses and the wider community,” he said. He also reminded about the importance of entrepreneurship competency certification for students.

UI Vocational is committed to developing student skills and competencies, also equipping them with entrepreneurial skills, one of which is by adding Entrepreneurship courses as mandatory courses in all study programs. Vocational education seeks to develop students’ skills, competencies, and entrepreneurship so that they are ready to be absorbed by the industry when they graduate. On the other hand, UI Vocational graduates also have a passion for building their own business.

For this reason, collaboration with various partners is continuously carried out, such as with the MarkPlus Institute. This collaboration includes the implementation of entrepreneurshipcompetency certification for students, as well as acceptance of internships for students from the Media Production, Public Relations, Multimedia Broadcasting, and Creative Advertising study programs, by enriching knowledge about strategic thinking.

The signing of the Agreement of Implementation in the fields of education, creativity, and entrepreneurship was carried out by the Director of the UI Vocational Education Program, Padang Wicaksono, S.E., Ph.D with the Deputy Chairman of MarkPlus, Inc., Dr. Jacob Silas Mussry on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, witnessed by Hermawan Kartajaya and the UI Vocational Management Leader.

(Photo: (L-R): Jacky Mussry (Deputy Chairman of MarkPlus, Inc.), Arie Widodo, M.S.M. (Lecturer of UI Vocational Tax Administration study program), Hermawan Kartajaya (Founder & Chairman of MarkPlus, Inc.), Hadining Kusumastuti, S. Sos., M.Ak. (Lecturer of UI Vocational Tax Administration study program), Thesa Adi Purwanto, S.Sos., MTI. (Head of UI Vocational Tax Administration Study Program) while visiting UI Vocational Tax Clinic)

Padang Wicaksono said that the implementation of CI-EL in UI Vocational has proven to have resulted in new innovations that can provide solutions and benefits for the wider community. “The implementation of CI-EL in UI Vocational can be seen from the realization of several innovative products or programs such as VokHumFest (a community service program to help MSMEs carry out promotions and create branding), E-Taxaction NG (tax consulting application) and Taxaction (community service program to help fill out annual tax returns for the general public), Vocation Wellness Center (health service products), also startups initiated by students,” he said.

Of course, this collaboration is expected to continue and provide many benefits for students. Padang added, “I hope that both UI Vocational and MarkPlus Institute can collaborate to create quality graduates through various programs in the fields of education, creativity, and entrepreneurship.”

In line with this goal, the MarkPlus Institute also shares its experiences regarding the needs of CI-EL that need to be implemented by educational institutions. The four are synergistic elements to form superior higher education graduates.