Depok-Media Production Study Program, Vocational Education Program, Universitas Indonesia (UI) has just been held company visit to on December 13, 2022. Accompanied by the Head of the Media Production Study Program, Ngurah Rangga Wiwesa, M.I.Kom., CICS, MIPR, the visit was carried out as part of the Content Lab (COLAB) activity which is a routine activity for the Media Production Study Program.

Together with Alif Ibrahim, Executive Producer for the original series of Vidio, and Aris Dianto, Live Streaming Operation Manager for Vidio, Media Production study program students had the opportunity to get to know Vidio, the role of Originals in Indonesia, Live Streaming, and an office tour. “The content we have is divided into sports, live tv, and original seriescontent. This distribution is done because there is prioritized content according to data or high demand from users,” said Alif.

(Photo: Aris explaining Vidio to Media Production study program students)

The sports section is one of the contents that attracts users, especially this year because it broadcasts the FIFA World Cup. Then, the original series section is in the form of short cinema which is processed with good quality in terms of development, pre-production, production, and post-production. Then, live tv in the form of live broadcasts which has its own characteristics, because it is not limited by space and time, it can even be watched again.

Rangga said that the company visit not only opened opportunities for students who had an interest in the digital world, but also opened the horizons of students’ knowledge about the digital world, especially on live stream platforms and OTT content.

(Photo: Rangga giving a speech during a visit to Vidio)

The company visit was followed by a Vidio office tour. During the office tour session, students were invited to go around and see how Vidio works from various divisions such as marketing, live streaming, space for brainstorming content, as well as monitoring delay streaming processes. “The introduction of new media and how it works is aimed at students of the Media Production study program so that they will be equipped before going into the industry,” concluded Rangga.

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