Depok-Development of the rural economic sector through Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes), is a pillar of the people’s economy that can answer economic problems, apart from supporting village economic independence. Currently, BUMDes still have technical and operational constraints, such as low managerial and entrepreneurial skills for BUMDes managers.

Seeing the obstacles in the field faced by BUMDes sector developers, the Financial and Banking Administration study program, Vocational Education Program Universitas Indonesia (UI), together with the Office of Social Affairs and Village Community Empowerment, Wonosobo Regency Government collaborated to overcome them while supporting implementing village independence through the BUMDes sector. The two institutions hold training programs and business assistance for BUMDes managers in Wonosobo. This program was attended by BUMDes managers from 30 villages and 15 sub-districts in the Wonosobo area.

Head of the Social Service for Community and Village Empowerment of Wonosobo Regency, Dra. Harti, M.M, said that this activity was very important to carry out considering the existence of BUMDes in the economic context of rural communities has an important role. “Currently, Wonosobo Regency has 195 BUMDes with a classification division of 4 advanced BUMDes, 11 developing BUMDes, 95 Growing BUMDes, and 85 Basic BUMDes. This training activity is an excellent opportunity for BUMDes managers to participate in and then implement it in real terms in the context of developing each BUMDes,” she said.

(Photo: Giving souvenirs to Wonosobo representatives)

Director of the UI Vocational Education Program, Padang Wicaksono, S.E., Ph.D, said that UI Vocational is committed to encouraging regional development through the contribution of scientific thoughts, knowledge, and various real programs that provide direct benefits to society, one of which is through training programs and business assistance for BUMDes and MSMEs. “Improving the institutional capacity and human resource capability of managing BUMDes is a priority so that it can receive immediate treatment, both from the government, universities, the business world, and other stakeholders. UI Vocational is also trying to build BUMDes management through various community service activities by lecturers and students in order to create a prosperous and prosperous people’s economy,” said Padang.

The program, which will last until October 2022, begins with conducting business model design training for business model design training for 30 BUMDes directors and managers on August 25, 2022. In carrying out this community service program, the UI Vocational service team consisting of lecturers and students collaborated with the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) and business actors, namely Bank BNI 46 and Alfamart.

This activity also includes financial literacy education and the design of a business model that applies the type of business banking services and retail trade. Not only that, the service team also visited BUMDes directly and discussed BUMDes problems and action plans that could be carried out.

(Photo: Group photo of beneficiaries of community service in Wonosobo Regency)

Community service activities chaired by Dede Suryanto, S.Sos., M.Si., visited several BUMDes, including BUMDes Kusuma Jaya in Ngadikusuman Kertek Village which has a business unit for consumption fish cultivation and bottled drinking water processing, also BUMDes Cipta Karya Mandiri in Blederan Mojotengah Village which has village market stall rentals and a vegetable tourism village.

(Photo: Group photo of community service activities in Wonosobo Regency)

Dede said, “The village’s natural wealth is abundant and has high business potential. However, BUMDes are constrained by low managerial ability and access to capital, so it is important to provide business and entrepreneurship training, as well as provide access to capital such as People’s Business Credit (KUR) or raise funds from village community investors,” he said. In addition, “The village government also needs to help BUMDes legality so that BUMDes business unit activities are not constrained by licensing issues. BUMDes can also act as an offtaker guaranteeing MSMEs products which are growing rapidly in Wonosobo. In fact, in line with the BUMDes program, UI Vocational with business partners will provide curation and assistance for MSME businesses to penetrate the export market,” said Dede.