Research, one of the core of the three pillars of higher education, has not escaped the efforts of the UI Vocational Education Program to improve and develop science through scientific research and publications. The UI Vocational Education Program accommodates research activities, especially applied research in various fields in Vocational, namely administration and business, humanities, and health.
Publication is a forum for researchers to publish their thoughts and research results. The development and strengthening of joint joints of higher education can only be done with changes in paradigm changes and applied research, the concentration of understanding with sensitive academic culture with multidisciplinary wealth possessed by vocations from Indonesian universities.
The writing of scientific writings presented is a work, discussion, research that is expected to bring real contribution to the meaning of the tri dharma of higher education in each of its publications.
In an effort to realize the atmosphere of applied based vocational education, UI Vocational School opens a publication path through 4 journals that have their own peculiarities.


1. Jurnal Vokasi Indonesia

The Indonesian Vocational Journal (JVI) is a journal that accommodates research and writing on vocational applications in various fields of science.


2. Jurnal Sosial Humaniora Terapan

The Social Journal of Applied Humanities (JSHT) is a journal that publishes applied science in the fields of social sciences and humanities


3. Jurnal Administrasi Bisnis Terapan

The Journal of Applied Business Administration (JABT) is a journal that publishes applied research in the fields of insurance administration, banking, taxation, accounting, business, and the like.



4. Journal of Indonesian Tourism and Policy Studies
Journal of Indonesian Tourism and Policy Studies is a journal that specializes in tourism, tourism, and tourism-related policies in Indonesia. Writing about tourism related to other fields such as social, cultural, economic, political, management, health, environment, technology, policy and so on.