UI Vocational (Venture) Institute

Website: vokasi.ui.ac.id/lemkasi

Chief: Dr. Diaz Pranita, M.M.

The UI Vocational Institute (LEMKASI) is a Vocational education training institution that produces graduates READY TO WORK.

LEMKASI was established in conjunction with the 6th University of Indonesia Vocational Program anniversary on May 19, 2014. The establishment of LEMKASI refers to the Rector’s Decree of University of Indonesia number 1406 / SK / UI / 2009 concerning Guidelines for Implementing Institutional Activities in the UI Environment. LEMKASI plays a role in collaborating between UI’s Vocational Program and third parties.

LEMKASI is a Special Service Unit for Community Services and Services (UKKPPM) Limited Flexibility based on the Rector’s Decree no. 1145 / SK / R / UI / 2018 with a view to carrying out services and / or community service in the framework of developing knowledge and expertise in accordance with the field of vocational science organized by the University of Indonesia Vocational Education Program.

LEMKASI is chaired by the Chairperson of the Institute and is responsible to the Chancellor of UI and supervised by the Director of the Vocational Education Program. LEMKASI has a flagship program in the field of training, certification, Competency Test, Applied Study and Business and Humanities Consultation.

LEMKASI utilizes the expertise of the UI Academic community in the implementation of the program. This is in line with the vision of LEMKASI, namely:

Become the Best and Most Trusted Vocational Business Unit

As for achieving its vision, LEMKASI has a mission including:

  1. Become an Academic Business Unit Implementer who contributes to the development of Vocational Education at the University of Indonesia
  2. Facilitating the development of vocational education activities in the areas of Training, Certification, Applied Study and Business and Humanities Consultation
  3. Providing the best services and cooperating with national and international institutions

In achieving its vision LEMKASI has four main activities including:

  1. Applied Study Program
  2. Training Program
  3. Professional Certification
  4. Business consultant

Applied Study Program

One of the LEMKASI programs is to provide applied study services that are needed to help partners / business entity managers in identifying problems, planning and assisting business entities in solving these problems.

Some of the experiences that have been carried out include:

  • Palangkaraya 2045 City Space Macro Optimization Study
  • Study of Boarding School and High School Performance Efficiency Evaluation in Palangkaraya City
  • Preparation of Education Mapping Information Systems in the City of Palangkaraya

Training Program

Training is one program to help business people, services and government in meeting the needs of improving the quality of its human resources. This training service refers to the needs of the job market, with trainers who have the competence and experience as professional practitioners.

Training can be held on the campus of the UI Vocational Program and In House Training. Training and workshops held aim to improve and develop one’s attitude, behavior and knowledge in accordance with the wishes of the company / client. Training is held systematically and learns knowledge, skills, abilities or behaviors towards personal and organizational goals.

For some training, LEMKASI created a Professional Certification program which aims to ascertain whether the training participants have competency according to national standards.

Professional Certification

Professional Certification Cooperation is carried out with Professional Associations or Professional Certification Institutions (LSP P3) in each field. This collaboration was established to support the target of the UI Vocational Education Program in producing competency certified graduates.

Not only that, LEMKASI also initiated the establishment of the Professional Certification Institute (LSP) P1 UI to facilitate students, employees and institutions that are partnering in obtaining professional certification.

Business Consultant

LEMKASI UI Business Consultation consists of several professional experts who provide jada guidance, advice and direction who have their respective fields of expertise to assist companies in improving management systems ranging from business analysis, training, system development, system implementation to assisting in formulating business strategies in order to facilitate the company in achieving its vision and mission.