UI Vocational Assessment Center

Chief: Mohammed Ali Berawi, M.Eng.Sc., Ph.D.

The Center for Vocational Studies (Pusat Kajian Vokasi) or called Puska Vocational is a Special Work Unit within the University of Indonesia Vocational Education Program, which was formed to realize the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, especially research and development in vocational education. Vocational research activities carried out by Puska are linked to the existence of eleven study programs in the UI Vocational Education Program. As a Special Work Unit (UKK), the Vocational Puska UI focuses contributive activities primarily on the realm of practical / applied which is supported by a strong academic background of each study program, as well as collaborative collaboration from all study programs, as well as external collaboration with the network. related industry. The studies carried out by Puska provide input in the form of innovation to improve the quality of work competency and professionalism. Puska’s work program supports the progress of each study program through the involvement of permanent lecturers and students of the UI Vocational Education Program. Regarding applied research, and the development of a professional work culture, Puska provides training / workshop forums, discussions of research results and various activities designed for permanent lecturers, as well as students. In an effort to achieve its duties and functions, the Vocational Puska UI establishes partnerships and partnerships with various relevant parties / stakeholders, which includes sharing industries, companies and private institutions, governments, and various community organizations. In its activities Puska can involve academics and / or researchers from various disciplines and expertise, and involve practitioners from related industries. All Puska programs are implemented to support and be part of the Vision and Mission of the UI Vocational Education Program. Outcomes of Puska Vocational activities

  1. applied research scientific publications (indexed national, international journal articles)
  2. conference proceedings (national / international)
  3. Intellectual Property Rights from Resident Lecturers of UI Vocational Education Program

Puska activities include: – Development of applied research, namely research that is oriented towards solving practical problems (applied research or vocational research) – Work Competency Development through Training / Workshop and Discussion – Processing, developing and storing data (Applied Research and Development Center as teaching material and developing vocational modules).