Depok-Two students of the Public Relations Study Program (PR study program), Vocational Education Program, Universitas Indonesia (UI), namely Lulu Il Asshafa and Aisyah Muftian Mursyid, Thursday night, October 11, 2022, won the Gold Winner as Rookie Stars in the competition held by PR Indonesia. Aisyah and Lulu presented the topic “Maximizing Communication Strategies Using Social Media Wisely”. For PR Personnel 2022 the Higher Education Category, the Bureau Head Subcategory was won by Dra. Amelita Lusia, M.Si., Head of Public Relations Bureau, through the Bronze Winner award. For this category, there is no winner of gold winners and silver winners.

The highest appreciation for public relations figures in the country was given at the JAMPIRO #8 event — an annual PR Indonesia event — which took place in Surabaya, coinciding with Indonesia National Heroes’ Day. Hundreds of practitioners and leaders from the government, private sector, universities and students gathered to pay their respects to public relations professionals.

(Photo: (L-R) (Aisyah Muftian, Dra. Amelita Lusia, M.Si., Lulu Il Asshafa))

This year, the event held offline for various levels up to ages, with complete categories, even adding categories and improving the weight of the assessment. The goal is to make the competition more relevant, credible, and accountable.

“We are very happy to get this appreciation, it proves that we are able to use the knowledge we gain in college as an analytical tool in discussing the topics we bring,” said Lulu. He added, “Thank you to our Head of Public Relations Study Program Mrs. Mareta, student affairs manager at UI Vocational, Mrs. Pijar Suciati, and our lecturer Mr. Donny who really supports us.”

“With this appreciation platform, it provides an opportunity for us to be able to make changes that have an impact on the country. Coupled with the commemoration of Indonesia National Heroes’ Day, it gives us enthusiasm to be communication heroes in the digital era,” said Ais. In response to her student’s victory, Mareta Maulidiyanti, S.Sos., M.M., Head of the Public Relations Study Program, UI Vocational, said, “Our students are trained to able to compile public relations programs starting from situation analysis, program planning, to implementation and evaluation.”

(Photo: Ais and Lulu, Public Relations study program students won awards at the PR Jambore Indonesia)

Amelita expressed her gratitude for the appreciation from the judges of the Jambore PR Indonesia. “This event is very meaningful for public relations people, because we can learn from each other public relations from state-owned enterprise, ministries, and the private sector. The challenges in the world of public relations in the future will be even more dynamic, especially as a result of advances in information and communication technology (ICT) as it is today. We have to be adaptive,” he said.

The founder who is also the CEO of PR Indonesia, Asmono Wikan, considers that currently PR practitioners are able to articulate their position in various communication programs in their respective corporations/institutions/institutions. According to Asmono, who is also a member of the Press Council, without understanding the position and function, a publicist cannot face the challenges ahead.

This Jambore PR 2022 award category is given to PR INDONESIA Rookie Stars 2022, ICON PR INDONESIA 2022, PR INDONESIA People 2022, and PR INDONESIA Fellowship Program 2022. The selection and judging process before the jury has been carried out since the end of October 2022.

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