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Vocational Education Program in a flash

The Vocational Education Program Universitas Indonesia is a vocational tertiary education that produces Associate Expert graduates at Diploma 3 (D3) and Applied Bachelor at Diploma 4 (D4) levels where graduates are directed to master abilities in certain fields of work as workers in industry, government institutions / private or self-employed. The teaching pattern in this program prioritizes the teaching of skills and expertise in work practices. Graduates of the Natural Sciences / Social Sciences and Vocational High Schools can take part in this education in order to fill the needs of professional experts in various fields.

The curriculum composition in Vocational UI is 30% theory and 70% practice. Practicum is done in the laboratory or at the internship location. In terms of competitiveness, UI vocational graduates are on average able to be absorbed in the workforce within 0-3 months. To anticipate increasingly fierce labor market competition both in Indonesia and within the ASEAN countries, the Vocational Education Program UI collaborates with Professional Associations and Professional Certification Institutions (LSP) to enhance the ability of students through professional certification. Thus graduates of the Vocational Education Program UI have advantages because in addition to getting a diploma they are also equipped with competency certificates from their respective professions and English certificates (TOEFL / TOEIC).

Starting in 2008 the administration of the Vocational Education Program was carried out centrally at the Universitas Indonesia. This is done to improve efficiency considering the many educational channels available at UI and to realize the vision of UI to become a world-class research university in facing global challenges.

Universitas Indonesia continues to run the Diploma III Program based on the aim to contribute to the intellectual life of the nation, by providing tertiary education in a professional way side by side with tertiary and postgraduate education. Statistically, the Diploma Program at Universitas Indonesia is needed by the community, this can be seen from the high interest in the programs offered and the demand for graduates.

Program Studi yang ada di PPVUI:

    • Bidang Studi Administrasi Bisnis:
      1. Administrasi Asuransi dan Aktuaria
      2. Administrasi Keuangan dan Perbankan
      3. Administrasi Perkantoran
      4. Administrasi Perpajakan
      5. Akuntansi
    • Bidang Studi Sosial Humaniora:
      1. Hubungan Masyarakat
      2. Manajemen Rekod dan Arsip
      3. Pariwisata
      4. Penyiaran Multimedia
      5. Periklanan Kreatif
    • Bidang Studi Kesehatan:
      1. Administrasi Rumah Sakit
      2. Fisioterapi
      3. Okupasi Terapi