Office and Secretariat Laboratory

It is aimed to produce Expert Associate in Administrative Secretary who is able to manage the office and upholding the Professional Ethics. So that graduates of this course are expected to have a high technical capability (skilled) are needed in the implementation of tasks in the field of office administration and secretarial.

The work path is: junior administrative assistant, administrative assistant, senior administrative assistant, and executive assistant to the office manager. It will provide an opportunity for the secretary to enhance its capabilities. Each level of the position is determined by their competence.

The skills required to get professional administrative positions, including communication skills (listening, speaking and writing), human relations skills, decision making skills, technology skills, and life-long learning skills.

Supporting Equipment

There are supporting equipment such as:

  • Room and table for reception
  • Director room complete with table
  • Meeting rooms complete with modern table
  • Small rooms of each section / unit
  • Computer connected to Local Area Network along with printer
  • CCTV
  • Manual typewriter
  • Fax machine
  • Paper shredder
  • Infocus along with screen
  • File Cabinet, etc.

This laboratory is provided for students of administration Office and the Secretary studies program as a place to practice the activity straight to work in the office. So after graduation alumni can work in the actual office of environmental. The lectures in this laboratory include lectures in the form of practical case studies offices, where each student meeting given roles like in the office. Each week the case studies are vary given by lecturers that administer these courses so that the students is eager to follow the activities in laboratory. The laboratory is also supported by the presence of typewriter so that students are trained in the computer laboratory.

Module of Supporting Activity In Laboratory

To support students’ practice in laboratory is also available modules such as:

  • Simulation Office Module
  • Secretarial Module
  • Business Computer Module
  • Organization and Business Management Module

This is all intended to allow students to practice like in the workplace

Internship Program

Students who have entered the 6th semester is compulsory in doing an internship (practical work) in Companies both local and multinational. Some companies that have been provided internships for vocational students are:

  • PT. Pertamina
  • PT. Garuda Indonesia
  • PT. Aerosistem Indonesia
  • Bank Indonesia
  • Total E &P Indonesie
  • Exxon Mobil Oil ndonesia
  • PT. Sneider
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • PT Trakindo Utama Group
  • Sinar Mas Group
  • British Petrolium
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Bank Indonesia, and others
  • Deposit Insurance Agency
  • Reinsurance Indonesia
  • Indonesia Stock Exchange


To support the activities in this laboratory also has collaborations indirectly with various parties such as the Professional Certification like APSI (Administrative Professional and Secretary of Indonesia) in the form of guest lecturers and Public lectures and involving them in curriculum improvement study program

Since 2015, some lecturers are also Assessor Competency of BNSP (National Professional Certification Board) in Field of Human Resource Management

This laboratory is for students of Adm. Office and Secretary.