Karin Amelia Safitri, S.Pd., M.Si.

Study Program: Insurance and Actuarial Administration
Expertise: Actuarial Statistics, Insurance, Financial Planning, Social Security and Strengthening of the Coastal Economy


Karin Amelia Safitri, S.Pd., M.Si., CRMO., QWP., completed her undergraduate education at the Mathematics Education study program, Sriwijaya University in 2013. Karin continued her master’s studies at the Bogor Agricultural Institute in the Applied Statistics study program and successfully graduated in 2015. Karin started her career as an extraordinary lecturer at Universitas Pakuan in mid-2015. At the end of 2015, she became a permanent lecturer at the Insurance and Actuarial Administration study program, Vocational Education Program, Universitas Indonesia.


  • PS.Pd. (Mathematics Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Sriwijaya University)
  • PM.Si. (Applied Statistics, Graduate School, Bogor Agricultural University)


  • 2021, An Analysis of Indonesian Farmer’s Financial Literacy, Studies of Applied Economics, Vol. 39, No. 4
  • 2021, Generalized Structured Component Analysis to Analyze Measurement Models: Utilization of Health Insurance, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol. 1863, No. 1
  • 2020, Contribution of Technology to Insurance in Indonesia, 3rd International Conference of Vocational Higher Education Proceeding
  • 2019, An empirical study of relationships between islamic insurances and economic growth, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, Vol. 7, No. 6
  • 2019, The contribution of life and non-life insurances on asean economic growth, Management Science Letters, Vol. 9, No. 7
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