Information Technology

Development and Information Systems Services in University of Indonesia has developed several facilities of information technology that can be utilized by the community of the University of Indonesia and general public. There is the Single Sign On (SSO) for user accounts who using LDAP for all applications in UI, including: Human Resources Information System (SIPEG), Oracle Finance System, etc. Until May 2008, the UI’s bandwidth is up to 40 Mbps, and the Network of Indonesian Higher Education Research (INHERENT) reached 3 × 155 Mbps.


Information systems that already exist in UI

SIAK NG The Academic Information System (SIAK NG) is an application to support the academic information, so the univeristy can provide better information, both within and outside the campus via the internet. The application includes the following activities:

  • Completion of Study Plan Card.
  • Information of Card Study Results.
  • Information on classes and professors.
  • Information of lecture and exam schedules.
  • Filling the Students’ Biodata.
SIPEG The information system of Human Resources (SIPEG) is an application that is supporting activities in the HR Management-related to UI environment in terms of planning and preparation of data processing systems in a series of steps that are standardized and summarized in resource planning application inside the university.
SIMAF Asset and Facility Management Information Systems (SIMAF) is an application for asset management that is intended for large companies or state-owned companies (BUMN) with assets in large quantities that should require a specific division for the management of these assets. Asset Management Information System can answer the assets’ problems that often faced by BUMN, the Ministry, or enterprise-scale companies as follows:
EDOM The information system of student’s evaluation for professors is an application to support the academic quality assurance in education on campus. This system is an instrument of measuring and evaluating professors based on student assessment via website.
SK034 An Information system to support the process of data collection that currently undergoing the accreditation based on the standards of Directorate Higher Education (DIKTI), so that the study program / department can act more efficiently and effectively.
BP The supporting information systems for Academic Information System serves as the management of financial data for Operating Costs.
LONTAR Information system of operational support library that serves as a medium of book catalog management and various collections of books following the availability status at the library located at the University of Indonesia. With this application, UI faculty members can find the collections without having to come.
CML This information system is an application to support teaching and learning process with web-based. This system already includes activities and information and whole year lectures and management based on the source and terms of power and time to take the test / quiz.
Webmail Webmail is an email client that uses a Web page as a medium for managing email on the client side. According to the AplikasiWeb, Webmail users do not need to install software and users is enough to fill up little configuration. With easy access on  Web pages from many places, Webmail is becoming more preferably, especially for those who frequently changing computer for Internet access.