Financial and Banking Laboratory

At first, the students gain the basic theories of banking, product knowledge and service quality, it also apply in practice and simulated in Minibank laboratory in Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia.

From 1989 to 2002, the applied system in the laboratory are still local network up in 2003, as teachers of UI team proposes to improve the quality of the banking system of the Local Network becomes Network On Line System, while Layout of Laboratory create Remodelling as a branch office as well as the original cash office.

In 2011, along with the establishment of the vocational program at the University of Indonesia Minibanking Laboratory is relocated with new Design.

  • The education system, curriculum development and provide assistance in the Banking Environment Laboratory facilities vocational program UI
  • Cooperation Internships for students of the semester V / VI vocational program UI
  • Conducting Early Recruitement Program (ERP) for graduates of vocational program in particular for Finance and Banking Studies Program and Public Administration Studies Programs
  • Organize Public Lecture and Company Visit to CIMB Niaga for students
  • CIMB Niaga Scholarship