Accommodation for UI students is something that is not difficult because there are a lot of dormitory facilities and boarding houses around the UI campus in Depok. For new students who come from the remote area, there are many boarding houses facilities to hire that widely available on the UI campus’ environment, such as accommodation in the Japanese Studies Center (PSJ) located on Faculty of Humanities or there is also Wisma Makara located close to UI.

Wisma Makara

Wisma Makara University of Indonesia, located on the campus of the University of Indonesia in Depok district. It is one of the best accommodation facilities in the area of South Jakarta and Depok. A very suitable place for various activities such as seminars, coaching / training, workshops and various types of other activities. The location is in a beautiful forest environment and lake around which made the atmosphere is comfortable. This place will support the any activities especially for those who need quietness to rest.

Student’s Dormitory

UI’s Dormitory is known as a residence for UI students who come from outside the city of Depok or Jakarta. The environment is deliberately provided for students from the other region who are studying at the UI in order to adapt to the environment on campus. In the dormitory, there are many type of rooms which are standard room (non-AC), or VIP room (with AC). There are a lot of facilities and infrastructure that supporting the students in carrying out activities and help the learning process every day.Sarana The facilities include a cafeteria, a gazebo, a minimarket, a basketball court and indoor soccer, public television, photocopy kiosk and laundry kiosk. For mobilization for the students, there are moto taxis’ operation for 24 hours, so that students can move easily. For students who want to live in dormitory, they should apply for a residence permit to the faculty beforehand.

Boarding Houses around UI

Various boarding houses that available in the UI campus’ environment, for example in the District of Kukusan Beji or precisely located behind the UI campus, a variety of boarding houses available with varying prices, according to the avalaibility of the boarding houses in Jalan Kukusan. There are also easily found around Jalan Margonda or precisely located in front of the campus UI. The prices are range from Rp 300 thousand per month with standard facilities and for luxurious boarding house is at a price above Rp 700 thousand per month. There are easily obtained facilities such as bookstores, photocopy, computer stores and minimarkets that provide the daily needs of the students, as well as places to eat with various prices from warteg cheap, paddock stalls, and others.

Accomodation in Japanese Studies Centre

This accommodation with view towards the lake is located in the area of the Faculty of Humanities. The price for a single room starts at a price of Rp 120 thousand per night, while the VIP room is Rp 210 thousand per night. For further information please contact (021) 786 3547.