Depok-Vocational Education Program, Universitas Indonesia (UI), this year again sent awardees for the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) Vocational Path 2023 program to several of the world’s top universities. As many as 42 UI Vocational students successfully passed the selection, starting from the level of study program, faculty, university, to registering through the website, to study at overseas campuses.

IISMA 2023 is a scholarship program organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia as a form of the Freedom to Learn (MBKM) program. UI Vocational Education Program Director, Padang Wicaksono, S.E., Ph.D., said that UI Vocational students’ interest in IISMA 2023 had greatly increased compared to last year.

“After successfully sending 26 students to various overseas campuses in 2022, this year we are proud to be able to send 42 students with the hope of being able to study and follow in the footsteps of the alumni awardees from the previous UI Vocational. We really support this program so that students can learn many things, especially on campus and industry on an international scale, and prove that UI Vocational students have global competitiveness,” said Padang.

Students who successfully pass the IISMA 2023 program will take part in international mobility activities to the best campuses in the world for 4-6 months or one semester with funding from the Indonesian government. They do not only get learning in class, but also a variety of other multidisciplinary subject knowledge given at the target university, as well as various academic activities such as research, internships, industry visits, and cultural exchange missions.

The following are the names of UI Vocational students who have successfully passed the IISMA 2023 program:
1. Shifa Fadilla Putri – Tax Administration (University of Strathclyde, Inggris);
2. Nadifah Zahrah Khairunnisa – Insurance and Actuarial Administration (University College London, Inggris);
3. Haickal Caesar Saintya – Media Production (Niagara College, Kanada);
4. Azka Nadhira Dwitami – Tourism Business Management (City of Glasgow College, Skotlandia);
5. Fathan Anindito – Media Production (The University of Western Australia, Australia);
6. Hud Sri Nabil Nugraha – Hospital Administration (University of Pécs, Hungaria);
7. Laura Aurelia Tedjasukmana – Tourism Business Management (Coventry University, Inggris);
8. Randy Putra – Finance and Banking Administration (University College London, Inggris);
9. Raisha Kayla Tambusye – Creative Business (Daegu Catholic University, Korea Selatan);
10. Nadia Shalihah Rasha – Multimedia Broadcasting (University College London, Inggris);
11. Farrel Aditya – Accounting (Teesside University, Inggris);
12. Dewa Putu Tubagus Adi Sanjaya – Creative Business (Humber College, Kanada);
13. Nayla Ahla Sakirah – Hospital Administration (University of Pécs, Hungaria);
14. Darren Hazel Fahriza – Tourism Business Management (Shannon College of Hotel Management, University of Galway, Irlandia);
15. Laluna Pramesti Aryaputri – Office Administration (Phoenix Academy, Australia);
16. Najla Rizka Fathiha – Creative Advertising (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia);
17. Rasya Indira Wardhani – Tourism Business Management (University of Portsmouth, Inggris);
18. Nathania Wilson – Media Production (Rubika, Prancis);
19. Arini Valentine – Insurance and Actuarial Administration (Coventry University, Inggris);
20. Fitrah Hayati Dwi Rezka – Physiotherapy (University of Pécs, Hungaria);
21. Grace Victoria Brahmana – Creative Business (The University of Western Australia, Australia);
22. Benedicta Josephine Onya Tey Tere – Finance and Banking Administration (Woosong University, Korea Selatan);
23. Nirmala Nisa Pramesti Kencanawangi – Creative Advertising (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Rusia);
24. Taqiyyah Adani Irdianti – Media Production (University College London, Inggris);
25. Andi Belva Deany Nafashabila – Media Production (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Rusia);
26. Ameinta Brahmana – Multimedia Broadcasting (Arts University Bournemouth; Inggris);
27. M. Hanzholah Ar Ramadhani – Insurance and Actuarial Administration (Woosong University, Korea Selatan);
28. Fiola Amanda Fitri – Office Administration (Canberra Institute of Technology, Australia);
29. Firhan Betanadi – Hospital Administration (University of Pécs, Hungaria);
30. Ade Komalasari – Finance and Banking Administration (University of Strathclyde; Skotlandia);
31. Muhammad Kemal Rafianda – Multimedia Broadcasting (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia);
32. Amalia Reysafitri Kurniawan – Tax Administration (City of Glasgow College, Skotlandia);
33. Rifani Indira – Hospital Administration (University of Pécs, Hungaria);
34. Muhammad Farrel Alhakim Putra Pebie – Tourism Business Management (University College London, Inggris);
35. Syifa Diyanah – Tourism Business Management (University College London, Inggris);
36. Astrid Aprilia – Office Administration (Woosong University, Korea Selatan);
37. Eldymas Pradana Putra Yasin – Hospital Administration (University of Pécs, Hungaria);
38. Amira Ahmad Fauzi – Multimedia Broadcasting (Rubika, Prancis);
39. Sandhewa Beryl Sinatria – Broadcasting Multimedia (University College London, Inggris);
40. Cindy Khairunnisa – Tax Administration (Coventry University, Inggris);
41. Amira Mutiara Yunisa – Tourism Business Management (Phoenix Academy, Australia); dan
42. Laily Nazwa Muslim – Public Relations (Lancaster University, Inggris).

“The IISMA 2023 program is not only an experience for students to study abroad, but they will also become ambassadors for the nation to introduce Indonesian culture to their destination countries. We are waiting for the work of the students who become IISMA 2023 awardees to be applied to the Indonesian industry. I also express my gratitude and high appreciation to the education and student affairs team at UI Vocational for assisting students to go through the various rigorous IISMA 2023 selection processes,” said Padang.

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