Vocational education in Universitas Indonesia (UI) aims to prepare students to become professionals in the field of expertise. There are 3 areas / skills in Health; Social Humanities; Administration and Business. Currently, there are 11 courses, and other courses continue to be developed to fill the needs of specific skills in industry and government. A new study program is only developed to fill skilled labor in certain sectors and across fields of study so that graduates will have a specific career path and can only be filled by graduates of vocational programs.

Vocational program is a vocational higher education (D3) where graduates are directed to master skills in a particular field of work as workers in industry, government agencies / private sector or self-employed. The patterns of teaching in this program are emphasized on teaching practical skills and expertise than the theory. The high school graduates on science or social science can follow this education in order to fill the needs of professional experts in their own country and in other countries.

This program has been supported by the collaboration between UI and industries in Indonesia for the provision of field work activities and internships. Therefore, most of the graduates are directly hired. Duration of study is reached over 3 years for D3 and continuing education program for 1 year in D4 program (still in process).

In anticipation of labor market competition which increasingly fierce both in Indonesia and ASEAN countries, the vocational program in UI in cooperation with several Professional Associations to improve the ability of students through the professional certification exams. Thus, the graduates will have the advantage in getting their Diploma degree with a Certificate of Expertise from Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi (LSP) UI.