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Welcome to the University of Indonesia Vocational Education Program, a place where the nation’s superior human resources learn, work and work and produce change for the Indonesian nation.

Vocational education in Indonesia is one part of the mandate of higher education that is listed in the national education law.

Development and strengthening of national science, technology and culture can only be done with changes in the paradigm and integrated education system that synergises the needs of Indonesian society and industry.

The concentration of the educational curriculum created will be developed from social care for the environment around us.

Among them by providing access to education as broad as possible for the people of Indonesia, is no exception following higher education and other forms of education.

The University of Indonesia Vocational Education Program has put itself in the best place, by preparing for the challenges to be faced in the next 5 years where the challenges are far different from in the past.

Vocational Hope UI became the flag carrier of vocational education in Indonesia and became a pioneer who prioritised the ability of its graduates with an industry that continued to promote professionalism, intellectualism and national character development.

Vocational Vision UI becomes a leading institution in ASEAN and makes its graduates to compete well, for that the curriculum developed will be the most powerful foundation by applying applied technology by making appropriate curriculum breakthroughs and skill-based competencies.

The hope is “building vocational training to be more professional and producing graduates who are competent in their fields”, making enthusiasm for the entire academic community of vocational programs to build good, transparent, accountable governance and create independence that can ultimately improve the quality of each product we produce and can provide contribution to the nation.

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sigit Pranowo Hadiwardoyo, DEA.