Insurance and Actuarial Administration

This course aims to produce an Associate Expert of Insurance Administration that are able to apply the actuarial skills in life insurance and pension funds in accordance with the Law and professional standards.

Profession and Career Path for Graduates in Insurance and Actuarial Administration Study Program


Actuarial profession is professional businesses who analyze the financial risks. Actuarist use mathematics, statistics and financial theory to study certainty future condition, for example, it is in the insurance industry and pension funds. Actuarist evaluates the events in creative ways to reduce financial losses and other disadvantage effects from undesirable condition.

Actuarial is an important part of the management team in the company. Actuarial work requires a combination of strong analytical skills, business knowledge and understanding of human behavior to design and manage programs related to risk control.

The growth of the life insurance industry, according to AAJI report in the third quarter of 2012, a few years back showed that there is a potential positive with an average growth of 20-30% in the last five years. However, this growth has not been balanced by the amount of human resources that have sufficient actuarial expertise. Actuarists in Indonesia are still below 200 people. Meanwhile, the needs of the industry is estimated at more than 600 actuarists according to Bapepam-LK. This requirement will continue to grow in line with the development of the insurance industry in Indonesia.

Profession as an employee in an insurance company:

Claim, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Customer Care, General Position, Life Administration, Marketing, Agency & Sales Support, Operation Solutions Centre, Shariah & Product Development, Underwriting.

Untuk Mahasiswa Program Studi Administrasi Asuransi dan Aktuaria yang telah mengikuti Ujian Sertifikasi Profesi, berikut Gelar Sertifikasi yang akan didapatkan: