The purpose of education is to produce the Associate Expert Tourism who capable of managing a tourism business in a professional manner.


The institution for Internship/On-the-job-training

a. Airlines: Singapore, Malaysia, Cathay, and Garuda

b. Tour & Travel: Vayatour, Smailing and many more.

c. Special interest: National Institute of Oceanology (LON), Bogor Botanical Gardens, Indonesian Conservation, and many more.

d. Government Institutions: Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the Tourism Office.


Vocational Program UI in collaboration with:

1. ASITA (Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies) is a non-profit association of Indonesian tourism entrepreneurs which legally recognized. ASITA has prepared an effort to promote development, value and quality of travel and tourism in Indonesia for the benefit of its members. Besides supporting cultural tourism and sustainable tourism, ASITA optimally adopt the concept of wisdom and characteristics of local communities, while also developing culture of tourism industry which environmentally friendly and obey the local regulations.

2. ASPERAPI (Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association) was founded on February 17, 1990, Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association (ASPERAPI) continue to drive the economy of the community. Through the exhibition, manufacturers can meet directly with consumers. This association serves as a central information of trade fairs both domestically and internationally. In addition, ASPERAPI also raise the awareness of domestic products, and to improve the understanding and knowledge of the business, and assist its members in formulating trade contacts.