The Tax Administration studies program is producing an expertise in Taxation who capable of carrying out the obligations and fulfilling the taxation rights of the individual domestic taxpayer and corporate domestic taxpayer professionally based on tax regulations.

Profession and Career Path for Graduates of Taxation Studies Program

a). Officials at the Directorate of Tax

This profession is known as the crucial safety of country’s revenue. Based on the Law of Taxataion legalized by the House of Representatives and the regulation of Implementation  issued by the Ministry of Finance and the Directorate General, so the employees of the Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) will do the Law Enforcement above the law and regulation of implementation applied to secure the targets of country’s revenue.

b). Tax Consultant

Professional – which are not employee of the Tax Payers – who have qualification in certain education and have permission from the Minister of Finance to provide advice for taxation, they can receive the power to carry out the tax obligations on behalf of the taxpayer to receive certain benefits (fee), although the responsibility remains the taxpayer itself.

c). Tax Specialist (Company)

Professional – who has the taxation background and have qualification of specific technical to implement all duties and tax compliance, provide an analysis of any tax problems that occurs, as well as inform the impact of any modification to the interested parties.

In practice, Tax Specialist can serve as a tax manager in the company that represents taxpayer management in handling all aspects of corporate taxation that have met the qualification of specific technical and receive the salary from the company. Tax Manager is required to create and implement a system of information taxation internal effectively and efficiently to create the quality of documents and tax reporting that are auditable and reliable.

Career Path for Tax Specialist in the company:

  • Tax Accountant
  • Senior Tax Accountant
  • Tax Supervisor
  • Tax Manager
  • Tax Director