Depok-Kevin Exaudi Siregar and Filicia Fiona, students of the Insurance and Actuarial Administration Study Program, Vocational Education Program, Universitas Indonesia (UI) won second place in the national scientific essay competition. Through “Infinity Art Space: Platform-Based Creative Industry to Support the Existence of Indonesian Street Artists as Constituents in Accelerating Post-pandemic Economic Recovery”, they competed with approximately 100 participants.

According to Kevin, Infinity Art Space is a platform to accommodate street artists in Indonesia, who during the Covid-19 pandemic found it difficult to introduce or sell any of their works of art. The competition is held annually by the Universitas Nusantara Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia Kediri, and this year the theme is “Creating a Highly Competitive Young Generation by Integrating Intellectuals to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals”.

“We believe that every work of art from Indonesian street artists has a high value, both in terms of quality and financial value. With the presence of the Infinity Art Space platform, street artists are now slowly recovering their internal financial condition, because information technology can be used to introduce and sell their art,” said Kevin.

The Infinity Art Space platform will continue to experience innovation – both on the platform and the work program – offered to Indonesian street artists. The innovation is carried out by collaborating between the founder of the platform, street artists, and the community.

By utilizing the input and suggestion features on the platform, it is hoped that market analysis will be easier for artists to carry out. Thus, their promotional strategy will run effectively.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sigit Pranowo Hadiwardoyo, DEA, the Director of the UI Vocational Education Program explained that UI Vocational full support is always given to every student who dares to work and compete to create new innovations in this 4.0 industrial revolution era and is not limited to the field of study they are engaged in.

“By participating in competitions like this, I hope this can spur students to think critically about the real problems of the nation today in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic by creating an innovation based on sustainable information technology,” said Sigit.