vokasi-002The Academic Quality Assurance Unit (UPMA), this unit serves as a driving force in making the role of quality control and assurance system development for academic quality in faculty level and integrated with quality assurance system in through UI. In level of studies program in Vocational UI, this function is implemented by the Team of Academic Quality Assurance Unit in UI.

Duties and functions are conducting the assurance for academic quality in every aspect related to the learning process.
The activities are :

Provide guidance for the competency-based curriculum program; assisting the preparation of self-evaluation document or accreditation forms, socialization of university policies for internal evaluations routine.

Formulate document for final exam guideline. This guideline formulation aims to have a standard and transparent implementation.

Conduct a regular analysis of each semester to EVISEM in each studies program in Vocational Program UI to be evaluated by Director of Vocational Education Program.

Provide guidance for the activities in studies program accreditation in Vocational Program UI that have expired accreditation.

Head of AQAU: Sancoko, S.Sos., M.E.