The purpose of education is to produce the Associate Expert of Information Management and Document who are skilled in conducting libraries, archives and documentation that effectively based on professional ethics.

Graduates are expected to have competence such as:

1. Skilled in the work of procurement / collecting, organizing, storing, securing, weeding, as well as the assessment and destruction of records and document libraries.

2. Skilled in job-oriented services to users; including the activities of dissemination of information both to individuals and corporate entities in order to enhance their performance and competitiveness.

3. Ability to work until the middle ranks in a working unit management information such as information centers, libraries, archival units, central records, as well as the archive depot in both the government and private organizations.

Graduate’s degree is Associate Expert of Information and Document Management. They are mostly straightforward working in various employments (approximately three months after graduation) and others continue to pursue Bachelor Degree (S1) in various studies program.

Internship (PKL) is a course that must be taken as a prerequisite for graduation by a graduate student for two months. PKL program was implemented in various institutions that organize the management of information and documents such as Library, Archives Center, Documentation Center, Information Center and many more. After the internship, students are required to make a report and present it in class.